Rat Removal

Do you smell a rat?

Rat Removal & Control

As probably the least choosy pest, it’s not uncommon for rats to inhabit both commercial and domestic properties. Although their tendency to chew through beams, wires and pipes poses a significant threat to the structural integrity of a property, their most deadly trait lies in their ability to carry and transmit diseases; some of which can prove fatal when combined with human beings. They’re also incredibly agile, with their ability to climb, burrow and jump, combined with their rapid breeding pattern, proving them to be the ultimate survival pest. Oh, and did we mention that they’re able to grow up to 20 inches long? It’s best to have these reckless rodents taken care of sooner rather than later, so call on the rat removal services of Loughton Pest Control today.

Signs of a Rat Infestation

Luckily, there are many tell-tale signs that announce the presence of a rat colony. Unlike mice that are generally quite dirty, rats keep their fur clean, which means that they don’t leave behind any grease marks, but they do leave behind distinctive footprints and teeth marks that are simple to identify. However, the easiest way to identify the presence of a rat lies in their urine, which omits a terrible, unmistakable odour that you’ll probably smell even before you’ve spotted the puddle.

How can I tell the difference between a mouse and a rat infestation?

As they are very similar in nature, many property owners struggle to tell the difference between the signs of a mouse, and the signs of a rat. One fool-proof way to tell them apart though is in their droppings. Rat droppings are olive-like in shape; whilst mice droppings are more elongated, and are usually pointed at the end.

Rat Removal & Control

The problem is that when rats find a comfortable position in your property, they’ll start to reproduce by the hundred. So even if you have a shred of suspicion about their presence, contacting Loughton Pest Control quickly should be your top priority in order to manage and remove the colony effectively. I begin the process of removal by surveying your property, to assess the extent of the infestation, and to determine an appropriate course of action. I utilise carefully positioned poison bait stations, as well as live catch traps to manage the situation, whilst repeat visits are typical to monitor progress. I will also locate and seal any access points into the property, to ensure that the rats do not return; or at worst, relocate to a different location. Time really is of the essence when it comes to handling a rat infestation. As soon as you suspect even the slightest presence of rats, contact Loughton Pest Control for rat removal services.

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What To Look For

Apart from physically seeing the pest, there are various tell-tale signs you need to watch out for that will alert you to the presence of any unwanted guests. They include:

  • Pest Droppings – This is classic sign of pest issues. Also watch out for urine trails and grease marks, as these often indicate the movement of pests throughout your property.
  • Nesting – Pests typically create a nest for themselves in dark, tucked-away areas of your home or garden.
  • Damage to Structures – Signs of gnawing and holes are an instant red flag of a pest problem. Similarly, if you notice small holes, especially in wooden beams, this can also signal you are in need of pest control.
  • Damage to Plants – Some pests are known to devour houseplants, so you should keep an eye out for damage to their leaves and stalks as an indicator to the presence of a pest.

If you spot one or more of these tell-tale signs, you must get in contact as soon as possible, the structural integrity of your home, and your own personal health may be in jeopardy.