Bed Bug Removal

Don't let the Bed Bugs bite!

Bed Bug Removal & Control

Bed bugs have existed for thousands of years, and have therefore honed their hiding skills to perfection. And despite their name, they’re capable of infesting a plethora of locations and items; including clothing, fabrics, furniture, cracks and crevices around the home. Their favourite meal is the blood of unsuspecting property owners, yet despite their tendency to lay between 200 – 500 eggs each month, bed bugs can survive many months without a meal: proving them to be the ultimate survival pest. If you’re waking up with what you suspect to be bite marks from these pests, you may have an infestation and need bed bug removal services.
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What To Look For

Apart from physically seeing the pest, there are various tell-tale signs you need to watch out for that will alert you to the presence of any unwanted guests. They include:

  • Pest Droppings – This is classic sign of pest issues. Also watch out for urine trails and grease marks, as these often indicate the movement of pests throughout your property.
  • Nesting – Pests typically create a nest for themselves in dark, tucked-away areas of your home or garden.
  • Damage to Structures – Signs of gnawing and holes are an instant red flag of a pest problem. Similarly, if you notice small holes, especially in wooden beams, this can also signal you are in need of pest control.
  • Damage to Plants – Some pests are known to devour houseplants, so you should keep an eye out for damage to their leaves and stalks as an indicator to the presence of a pest.

If you spot one or more of these tell-tale signs, you must get in contact as soon as possible, the structural integrity of your home, and your own personal health may be in jeopardy.