Loughton Pest Control offers fast and humane pest control services across Essex, Hertfordshire and London, with effective results.

Why choose Loughton Pest Control?

I know just how important the quality and welfare of a property is to its owner. However, unwelcomed guests and pests can place a property and its structural integrity in the firing line; hence why it’s essential that infestations are taken care of with haste and humanity. What’s important to you is just as important to me, and with over 10 years’ experience in Pest Management, rest assured that you could choose no better service than those provided by Loughton Pest Control.

What I do

As an acclaimed Pest Management Service, I’m capable of managing the removal of your unwanted guests with ease. I utilize a variety of cutting-edge techniques and equipment to treat pests humanely, whilst assessing your property for any sustained structural damage, and pest access spots to ensure their departure for good.

I also advise my clients on how best to spot evidence of an infestation, and techniques that they themselves can implement to secure their property from further intrusion.


Although the climate of London and Essex is no match to that of more exotic countries, it still offers the perfect environment for a variety of pests and critters to thrive. Hence why I offer extermination services for a plethora of species, including: